The Band

Rick Grayson

Guitars - Electric, Acoustic, and Slide,  Lead and Backing Vocals – From Westborough, MA, Rick has been playing guitar and writing music since the late 70’s. Has worked off and on over the years in local bands - Black Diamond with Dave Carson, Prophet, and RAR with Rick Lawson.. Rock ‘n’ Blues and Southern Rock such as the Allman Brothers, Warren Haynes, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd are his main influences. He’s excited to be back together with his old Bandmates!

Ricky Lawson

Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals – Originally from Worcester, Ricky and his family reside in a quiet neighborhood in Charlton, MA. Playing the guitar and writing songs since the 1970’s. Ricky played with Rick Grayson in the acoustic and vocal trio RAR and has worked over the years in the bands The HAT and Sluggo.

Ricky brings over 35 years of musical experience to Desolate Highway. Major influences are The Kinks, The Beatles, Yes, Jethro Tull and Elvis Costello.

Dave "Uncle Peggy" Carson

Drums, Lead and Backing Vocals – Originally from Holden, MA , Dave and his family reside in Auburn, MA. Dave has been playing drums since the early 70's, studying under Bob Gould of "The Pro Drum Center" in Greendale, MA (where Greendale's Pub lives now). In 1979, after graduating from High School, Dave was severely injured in an industrial accident and lost his right leg... and as a result we introduce "The Peg". Determined not to give up playing, Peg continued to work on technique while attending college at The University of Massachusetts (Peg apologizes for the broken beer mug collections in JA due to his double bass drum set up on the 5th floor), graduating with a Communications degree in 1984. He has played in numerous bands including Black Diamond with Rick Grayson, Dancer, Barrelhouse, Sundown and Just One More with Bob LeFrancois.

Dave's influences include, but aren't limited to, Grand Funk (Brewer), Led Zeppelin (Bonzo), Lynyrd Skynyrd (Artimus), Molly Hatchet (Crump), The Marshall Tucker Band (Riddle) and The Outlaws (Yoho).

Bob LeFrancois

Bass Guitar and occasional backing vocals – currently residing in Sutton, MA. Bob (Frenchy) has been playing guitar, bass guitar, drums and writing and recording music since the late 70s. 
Bob has almost thirty years playing and jamming with many great local bands and musicians including Just One More with Dave Carson, Kickback and the current incarnation of Desolate Highway.  Recordings include bass on the Just One More CD, Before I Go and numerous live recordings, not all of which provide hours of listening enjoyment.  Obscurely known originals from the Just One More heyday include, Thin Ice, Smile By My Side, Thousand Lies and Desolate Highway to name a few.
Influences range from Cat Stevens and The Beatles to Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and many recent great artists. Notable favorites are The Who, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and Steve Morse.  Anything but crap. 

Bob would also like to thank the keys of A, G, C, D and E for their ease of play and guidance in all musical genres, especially Southern Fried Rock.